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Shamara Harris, Owner/Lead Event Producer

T26G was founded by Shamara Harris in 2017, based upon her passion for business, organization, details and ambiance. In 2016, she took the step of securing a certification in "Social AND Corporate Event Planning." Once the certification was completed, Shamara decided to combine her education in marketing, her certified event planner status, and her passion for coordination, to birth "The Twenty Six Group, Event Planning & Creative Agency!"....also known as "T26G."


T26G is an event planning and creative broker agency, based in Charlotte, NC, and serves North Carolina, and surrounding states. At T26G, we put the "P" in planning, and offer that as our main service! We specialize in intimate social, and large corporate events. We also offer marketing, business, and creative services, to assist our clients in promoting their events, or to assist local business owners to take their business to new heights! T26G has formed corporate relationships with companies such as: Wework,  Atlon Lane, and Brideside to name a few. T26G has planned and facilitated events in all major cities in North Carolina, Atlanta, and South Carolina. These events have ranged with a guest count of 15-5,000.  T26G has been featured in various publications such as: the Fayetteville Observer and VoyageATL. 

We believe it is important to work with a team to get the job done for our client, and we will be here every step of the way! Our mantra is to Create, Plan, and Execute on a high level for all our clients. 

We are not just event planners, we are event producers and creative space makers! We look forward to guiding you every step of the way, as we delicately create, plan, and execute for you and your clients and guests.

About The Twenty Six Group




"With each client, my goal is to successfully bring their vision to life; while creating an amazing, memorable experience."
-Shamara Harris


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